ROLLCOVER® - Roll-over tarpaulin
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ROLLCOVER® – Roll-over tarpaulin

On semi-trailers or hook-lift skips, the roll-over tarpaulin system is the most popular among transport specialists.

This tarping system is easy to use, inexpensive and effective. It needs reinforcement on semi-trailers to bear the weight in case of rain. On the 40m3 and less we add hoops that create a slope to drain the water in case of rain.

The driver stands in front of the skip and using a handle turns a device positioned on one side of the tarpaulin in a sheath over the total length of the skip. This circular movement uncovers the skip with minimum difficulty and even to slide over the waste without getting caught on scrap. The ROLLCOVER® roll-over tarpaulin is then attached to the skip using straps introduced into the ratchets.

The tarpaulin is reinforced with metal bars to avoid the formation of water pockets.

In Germany this roll-over tarpaulin system is called Rollplane.  It operates with a round tube in place of the batten.

To avoid climbing into the skips or onto the platforms above the skips, thereby minimising the risk of falling, we have introduced a pole into our range of products so the driver can manoeuvre the tarpaulin or net from the ground.

ROLLCOVER® - Roll-over tarpaulin