Protective nets for industry and construction
Protect humans and environment
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Protective nets for industry and construction


Your custom-made safety net for buildings and industry.

OTEXIO is specialised in engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing protective nets and tarpaulins. We work in industry and have several areas of application: 

Repair and maintenance workshops for heavy goods or utility vehicles. Most of the workshops have pits that allow underneath access to the vehicle to repair it. They present a significant risk of falling which is why we have developed a complete, unique and patented fall-arrest safety net: the Inspection pit net system.

This protection system for pits inspection is validated and certified by an engineering and design company. Our sales technical team travels throughout France and Europe to draw up the specifications with our customers and provide an accurate quotation.

We also offer a full range of fall-arrest safety nets for factories and buildings. These nets are compliant with standard EN1263-1 for human fall-arrest solutions. To prevent objects falling when working at height you can use a safety net for buildings.

We also make any type of fall-arrest, pallet or object safety nets, such as for storage racks to avoid the risk of accidents.

Please also see our other devices such as sight break screening, windbreak or bird-control nets. 

In addition, we design, manufacture and install partition nets for industries so they can divide and isolate work areas in a large area. 

We also have a large range of micromesh nets that can be used as shading or anti-heat nets. These nets are positioned in areas directly exposed to sunlight, typically on roofs, and they break the sun rays to reduce the heat.

All these micromesh nets can also be used as screening, dust control, rain protection and windbreak nets.

All the way from planning until its installation, we provide textile solutions that meet the needs of the industry.

A global approach:

  • Identifying the need for netting and tarpaulin:
  • On-site visit to review your request and assess the site specificities
  • Development of the project with our Engineering and Design Department
  • Presentation and adjustment of the offer

Supply of nets/tarpaulins and accessories:

  • Several types of nets or tarpaulins depending on the problem encountered
  • Posts in galvanised steel, wood or aluminium,
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • All the accessories required for the installation of the nets/tarpaulins

Customised installation of the structure with the help of a specialised construction teams:

  • Masonry, for a long-term project
  • Experienced net/tarpaulin fitters
  • Working at height for less accessible areas
Protective nets for industry and construction