Protective inspection pit net
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Protective inspection pit net

Many truck and SUV maintenance workshops have inspection pits. These allow mechanics to access the vehicle from underneath to reach the engine and axles, and carry out maintenance work: purging, etc.

Inspection pits are approximately 1 m wide and 1.5 m deep. That creates an open pit when there is not truck above it and represents a real hazard for mechanics working around it throughout the day or when it’s dark. There have already been severe accidents when people have fallen into it, causing serious injuries. Owners as well as safety prevention organisations have therefore been looking for safety solutions to safeguard these pits when they are not being used.

OTEXIO has developed and patented a special net for closing off and safeguarding these pits in the event of a fall. This product has been sized by an independent engineering and design company. All the hooks and attachment systems are designed to support a person fallen into the net. We provide the whole product including the fitting accessories which will be determined according to the type of pit and equipment needed to maintain it: oil pan, jack, etc.

Our product is compliant with the R468 guidelines adopted by CTNIM (French National Technical Committee of Metal Industries).

On-site installations in France and Europe are possible. Our team of engineers carries out on-site visits to work with our customers and identify the product best suited to the constraints faced by the pit users on a daily basis. 

Protective inspection pit net