LiteCover®: Dump truck mesh tarp
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LiteCover®: Dump truck mesh tarp

A lightweight, highly resistant mesh tarp

The LiteCover® dump truck mesh tarp is very light, and its unique, easy-to-use system makes it effortless to handle, even in wind, rain or snow.

Example: The fully equipped 35 m3 LiteCover® weighs 6 kg, 40% less than a higher quality mesh tarp.

The LiteCover® mesh tarp is made of highly resistant polyester with anti-UV treatment. As part of our LiteCover® – LiteCover® simple manual dump truck tarp system, the tarp slides easily over the waste and can cope with overflowing skips, ensuring a safe waste transport in dump trucks, dump trailers, tipper semi-trailers, etc.

When it comes to tarping operations, the choice of mesh quality and size is important. Our sales team is on hand to advise and select the right fabric and especially the right size adapted to your dump truck and skip fleet.

Dump truck mesh tarps available in multiple sizes

The LiteCover® mesh tarps offer the enormous advantage of being adaptable to all types of dump truck and skip. They can cover 7 to 45 m3 Ampliroll™ hook-lift skips and also chain-lift skips.

To select the size of your dump truck mesh tarp, simply calculate the volume of the skip.

Recommended mesh tarp lengths:

  • For skips up to 40 m3: 8.50 m
  • For skips up to 35 m3: 8.00 m
  • For skips up to 30 m3: 7.50 m

Each length is available for widths of 3.30 and 3.60 m according to the width of your skip and the overflow of the waste transported.

For chain-lift skips, we have a standard 6 m x 3 m mesh tarp that is perfectly suited to this use.

Our strength: custom-made mesh tarps

As for all the nets, mesh tarps and waterproof tarps available from OTEXIO, the LiteCover® mesh tarp can be made to measure to suit your needs.

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LiteCover®: Dump truck mesh tarp