Handling, fastening, and repair accessories
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Handling, fastening, and repair accessories

For several years, OTEXIO has been developing accessories for the transportation of skips for professionals in the waste transport as well as in recycling and environmental industries.

As it is of paramount importance that our customers are satisfied and save time so they can focus on their core business, we offer a comprehensive range of standard and customized products for the transport and recycling industries, providing our customers with a range of products used on a daily basis.

Our accessories meet on-site requirements with three key-words: time-saving, safety and efficiency.

Our user-friendly products, designed together with transport specialists, facilitate the operator’s task and the storage of equipment.

Accessories for saving time and money spent on equipment:

Bag liner for transportation – Protective bag : a unique, custom-made product that protects skips from sticky waste, but also makes them impermeable if necessary. No more wasted time and costs associated with skip washing.

Pinning solutions:
Use pliable material with shape memory for the simple and effective pinning of compactors: pinning cable and pinning bar.

Accessories for everyday use

Hook pole for nets and tarpaulins:
Facilitates the fitting and removal of nets and tarpaulins on skips.

Installation kit:
Ensures the secure storage of your tools on the trucks.

Magnetic hook:
Avoids welding a hook onto the skip. Can be placed wherever needed on the skip.

Rolls of bungee cord:
For installing nets and tarpaulins on the skips.

Stowage strapping:
Stowage strapping for equipment to secure your loads

Handling, fastening, and repair accessories