Magnetic hook for container


The container hooks are never positioned where the driver wants them. Sometimes drivers need them inside the container to, for example, attach a protective bag for a sliding roof container. In this case, a new hook needs to be welded, which takes time and immobilizes a container.

The ideal solution was therefore to find a removable container hook that can be easily attached anywhere on a container.

OTEXIO has designed a magnetic container hook that can be attached to the metal wall of a container in 2 seconds. It can withstand a pulling force of 75 kg. It is very practical.

Our stock of container hooks is available within 48/72 hours. The magnetic container hook can be placed on a container and allows hooks to be placed wherever desired to secure the tension elastic of nets, as well as any accessories on the containers. This product is widely used for protective bags.

The most popular products

  • Position and move your container hooks according to your needs
  • Possible installation inside and outside the container 

Recommended Usages

This container hook can be easily attached to the container according to your needs. Extremely easy to use for securing tarps or nets on the container.

Decreasing rates according to quantities.

Shipment within 72 hours
Net price (excluding taxes)
28.80 €

Technical specifications

Product type :
Transport accessory
Uses / Areas :
Disposal - Transport
Length :
Resistance :
Diameter (in mm) :
Socle 50 mm

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