OTEXIO offers different structures and textile solutions for waste management.

With knowledge of the constraints of the waste industry combined with its range of available materials, we are able to provide and propose tailor-made solutions that adapt to all your projects.

Over the years, OTEXIO has developed a wide range of products for the containment of waste during transportation:

- Micromesh nets
- Mesh nets
- Nets and tarps for compactors
- Coated nets
- Dumpster cover tarps
- Tarps for trailers with moving floor and semi-trailers

Or to protect the men and women who cover their trucks by offering secure covering solutions:

- 100% secure covering LiteCover®: the dedicated system allows the driver to cover the truck from the ground
- Rail-based dumpster covering Rcover®
- Cable-based dumpster covering Slidecover® & Rollcover®
- 100% automatic covering Origamme®

Range of products for waste collection - bags and big bags

We also support all waste collection actors by offering them solutions for protecting their container or facilitating sorting and storage:

- PROTECSKIP® protective cover for containers & PROTECSKIP®BIO
- Pallet box cover
- Polypropylene bag

As well as a wide selection of big bags and skip bags:
- Asbestos
- Filtering
- Waterproof
- Hazardous products ...

Finally, and to follow the waste to the end of its journey, OTEXIO accompanies you in the realization and therefore the supply of metal-textile structures for the storage of bulk waste in cells based on the COVERLINE® range:

- Retractable cover on RCOVERBOX® concrete blocks
- Flexible cell cover: tunnels
- Cover on straight legs
- OTEXBLOCKS® modular blocks

Waste anti-litter netting solutions to preserve the surrounding environment with the FENCELINE® offer:

- Strong wind cages
- Anti-litter cages
- Anti-litter structure for landfills
- Concrete blocks

But also large format tarps and covers:

- Basin covers
- Odor-proof covers
- Weekly and daily covers