Reuse (noun)
The collection of systems and channels that enable the recovery of products before they are discarded, giving them a second lease on life. They retain a status as products (as opposed to waste) for a longer period, thereby preserving their value.

This involves extending the lifespan of products/materials by repairing them, refurbishing them, or transforming them for a new purpose.

economie-circulaireReuse is part of the circular economy framework, which aims to optimize resource use and minimize waste by promoting reutilization, recycling, and repair. By adopting reuse practices, individuals and businesses can contribute to preserving the environment and reducing their ecological footprint.

This practice offers numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits:

  • Waste reduction: By reusing materials, we decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills, incinerators, or disposal centers, thereby helping reduce pollution and resource depletion.
  • Resource conservation: Reuse helps save virgin raw materials needed to manufacture new products, aiding in the preservation of limited natural resources.
  • Responsible consumption: Reuse encourages consumers to adopt a more responsible approach to their purchases by favoring durable and reusable products.
  • Reduced financial expenses: Reuse helps reduce the disposal costs associated with expensive waste bins and allows for fewer rotations of bins at the customer's site. Additionally, the second-hand market offers cost-effective alternatives with similar technical specifications.
At OTEXIO, we have developed a reuse program for industrial packaging, including big bags, tanks, drums, and cardboard, to address our clients' evolving needs. We are committed to participating in the circular economy and offering responsible alternatives to our customers. Thanks to our network, we can collect your used packaging and reintegrate it into a second life where it can be used as a container for waste or other materials that do not require special care: rubble, sludge, rainwater, wood, concrete.

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