The sheeting solutions proposed by MTS for covering waste, land and other green waste are textile-based solutions which fully serve their purpose of limiting nuisances: wind-blown paper, reducing leachate and odour control.

However, the surfaces that need covering are very big and the covers can be difficult to install in a hostile waste environment.

These solutions cannot always be done by hand which is why our customers use the transport means available; tractor, backhoe loader, sheepsfoot roller, etc. But to lay the material or even to remove it, you need winding devices or a tarpaulin unwinder/rewinder.

That is why MTS has developed two products designed to facilitate installation by rolling these covers in and out. 

The weekly cover unwinder: this product has been specifically developed for customers who use the weekly cover. We manufacture it to order in widths up to 6 m. Its sole function is to unwind the material but not rewind it as this cover is not removed but is buried with the waste.

The unwinder/rewinder: this product is used for anti-odour covers and temporary waterproof covers. Both of these products need to be fitted and removed quickly.  We manufacture them on rolls that are loaded onto a hydraulic automatic unwinder/rewinder.