Tarpaulin covers for basins

The water from retention basins containing waste or polluted water at industrial or waste treatment plants has to be treated.

This treatment or clean-up process is very costly, which is why owners are often looking for impermeable basin covers. There are floating covers which are placed on the water and therefore don't require a supporting structure. This solution is economical but has the drawback of blocking access to the basin for dredging and maintenance operations which are carried out on a regular basis.

Another solution proposed by MTS is to use tarpaulin with reinforced straps around the edge on the foundations. The water is then collected in the centre of the cover and pumped outside of the basin.

Lastly, there is a third solution for covering basins: a frame solution with no central recovery which has the big advantage of allowing access for dredging and maintenance operations. This also allows water to evaporate. The tarpaulin covers the basin with a ridge height of over 2 meters enabling operators to pass underneath the basin cover. The tarpaulin causes a greenhouse effect raising the temperature under the cover and leading to the evaporation of water in the basin. This evaporation can then escape from the tarpaulin via openings that we have created for this purpose.

MTS proposes these three types of solutions according to the requirements, preferences and budgets of each one of our customers.

Our sales team is available to help you choose the right solution for your site and budget. According to the chosen technical solution, MTS carries out the design, supplies the product and a specialised team will install the entire unit throughout France and Europe.