HMR - HER Energytex® warning mesh

HMR - HER Energytex® warning mesh

The French territory is covered by over 2.5 million kilometers of underground structures. Despite the implementation of the DT-DICT reform, there are still 80,000 incidents recorded annually on these networks due to the lack of compensatory safety measures to reduce the risk of third-party work.

Protect Underground Networks with High-Resistance Warning Mesh (HR)!

For the past 10 years, OTEXIO has developed a range of high-mechanical resistance (HMM) and elastic (HER) warning meshes with integrated marking bands compliant with NF EN 12613 standards to protect underground networks such as gas, oil, water, electricity, fiber, hydrogen, etc., in the event of mechanical equipment intervention up to 36 tons, on or near existing networks.

Choosing ENERGYTEX® warning mesh means opting for the most cost-effective safety solution on the market:

  • Recognized as a compensatory measure compliant with GESIP recommendations. This recommendation results in TT3 protection with an EMC of 0.05 to 0.025, equivalent to using concrete plates. Product certified by APAVE.
  • You gain security with a simple and easy-to-install system. Installation can be done by a single person, at a rate of 100 meters installed in 5 minutes, and does not require machinery.
  • You save money. The cost of supplying (widths on request) and installing ENERGYTEX warning mesh is significantly lower than that of concrete plates.
  • You protect operators and the environment. In the event of puncturing an underground structure, there is a risk of accidents for the operator (gas, electricity, etc.).

Our system has already proven its effectiveness on construction sites and has been approved by our user clients such as ENEDIS and ENTREPOSE.


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