Polyurethane tarpaulin

Black polyurethane tarpaulin in PE coated polyester, UV-stabilised.
Only available in black. 
Weight 265 g/m².

This lightweight tarpaulin is strong enough to cover all kinds of goods during transport, offering an excellent protection from the rain for non-abrasive waste, such as cardboard, paper, sludge or rubble. The fabric is heat resistant up to 300°C making it suitable for covering hot waste, such as refinery sludge but also tar and asphalt.

This fabric comes with an eyelet border stitched into the edging at intervals of 0.50 m and the bungee cord is fitted.

We also make bespoke tarpaulins, for example, a sliding tarpaulin with a pull rope for skips on trucks that are often used for transporting asphalt.