Fall-arrest safety net

Human fall-arrest nets are safety nets governed by European Standard EN1263-1. We offer two types of nets conforming to this Standard, the 500 mm mesh net and the 100 mm mesh net.

These two safety nets are made from braided knotted polyamide with a 4.75 mm thread. Colours available: black and white.

We fit them with a polyamide edging rope which can be a selvedge edge, cable eyes in the corners along the sides can also be added to fully secure the net.

These nets are commonly used in construction, in frameworks, but they are also regularly in adventure parks. Since excellence represents an intangible principle for us at Corderie Vincent, we adhere very stringently to the quality standards. 

All our edging rope is made from nylon and not polypropylene like many of the other manufacturers do.  And all our safety nets are sealed in an autoclave, meaning that after manufactured, they are put in an oven and exposed to superheated steam which fixates the knots and the netting. As a result, when you stretch the safety nets they remain firm and don't yield (no need to be tightened often).