Anti-odour tarpaulin

The waste industry is strongly associated with offensive odours. They are found in landfills (Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities), in sorting centres, composting and maturation areas, water treatment plants and finally when transporting waste.

After several customer requests, we have developed a unique, anti-odour tarpaulin that can be used for storing and transporting waste.

Our customers frequently use this product on biogas wells. The gas passes through the filter and the offensive odours are eliminated. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We use regenerating active carbon filters. The activated carbon adsorbs the odour-causing molecules and retains them. The filter is composed of titanium dioxide which absorbs UV rays generated by the sun. When they come into contact with titanium, these UV rays create a chemical reaction with the carbon and regenerate it. The carbon can therefore be reused as long as it is not physically damaged.

This is a unique process that creates a consistently effective product capable of eliminating offensive odours. Our anti-odour tarpaulin is made of woven polyethylene and coated with polyethylene. 

We also have 100 % PVC or PU fabric for transport tarpaulins that can be very useful for transporting waste or very odorous products by road.

All our products are custom-made with on-site installation if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact our engineers if you encounter any odour problems, even if they are not related to water processing or transport. We will be delighted to come and find the best possible solution to your odour related problem.