OTEXPERTISE | Transportation and Safety

A team of OTEX'perts dedicated to your projects for personalized and reassuring support!

A good solution starts with a good diagnosis. That's why at OTEXIO, our team of technical salespeople travels throughout France (including Corsica and overseas territories) and Europe to define with our clients their needs and specifications for a given problem.

Close to our waste management clients, OTEXIO positions itself as an expert in its field and offers numerous textile solutions for waste collection and transportation. Our technical salespeople take measurements of your bins and trucks on site and provide true flexibility when it comes to the customization of our covers and nets to meet your specific needs.

We will also advise you on the best solution to protect YOUR teams during the covering of the containers and ensure peace of mind regarding their safety. We have evolved with you and you are our strength, allowing us to innovate and improve our products to make your daily life easier.

Live the OTEX'pertise experience and ensure a successful project, where your teams are safe.

OTEXIO places great importance on the success of its clients, the safety of co-workers, and the protection of the environment.

Each of its solutions is designed to satisfy every link in the chain.

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