With a team of metalwork and net installation specialists, our teams provide quality work in complete safety.
The equipment we install in sorting centres and waste treatment centres sometimes require particular skillfulness. It is important to be able to provide our customers not only with quality equipment, but also and above all with durable installations, resistant to severe weather conditions and ensuring the safety of operators on site while preserving the surrounding environment.
Installation is one of the true assets of OTEXIO - we understand the constraints and difficulties of accessing certain sites.

For Covering systems that require installation: - mounting rails on the container, cable and arch installation, - our team is also able to provide support and ensure efficient installation so that your systems are quickly operational and in place. Your team and your customers will be able to use the system without constraints in no time.
In the event that you prefer to take care of the installation yourself, we have also prepared precise and documented assembly instructions to allow you to assemble your covering systems independently and with clear assembly steps.

For all installations carried out by our teams, OTEXIO ensures the smooth running of operations like a true general contractor and will never leave a project unfinished or unsatisfactory for those involved.