Why is it necessary to cover skips?
It is essential and above all obligatory to cover its transport skips, as mentioned in Article R312-19 of the French highway code. In France it is mandatory to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the loading of a vehicle does not cause any damage or pose a risk (falling goods or waste on the road, accidents, and so on). Any load being transported that is not covered is liable to a fine. 

Which skip net should be used when transporting wood waste?
In order to effectively cover a skip loaded with scrap metal, a highly tear-resistant product should be used. We recommend the use of NETLINE® Superior, designed to protect skips loaded with scrap metal and other materials that can damage the protective cover.

Which skip net should be used when transporting wood waste?
At OTEXIO we offer three qualities of net: Superior, Medium and Standard. We recommend the use of NETLINE® Superior or NETLINE® Medium for the transport of your wood waste. We do not recommend the use of NETLINE® Standard, as it may get damaged more easily. 

Which skip net should be used when transporting paper/cardboard waste?
For the transport of your paper/cardboard waste we recommend the use of NETLINE® Standard, which is ideal for covering a transport container loaded with light waste that is unlikely to damage the cover net.

What nets are needed to equip a treetop adventure park?
A treetop adventure park requires two types of nets: those that are incorporated into the treetop activity modules, and the fall-arrest protection nets. For the treetop activity module nets, OTEXIO offers a complete product range of mesh nets, for the development of all kinds of attractions made up of climbing nets or rope. To make the park safe, we produce and install standard or custom-made fall protection nets according to your needs.

What are your solutions for reducing the nuisances in sorting centres?
OTEXIO offers various protection solutions for sorting centres, to reduce the nuisance linked to noise, dust production, airborne waste and waste degradation: 
Tarpaulins and dust nets have a double advantage: their narrow meshes catch dust and can also be used as sight barriers. 
Fixed or removable tarpaulins and nets, to prevent waste from being blown away in the areas that are most exposed to the wind.
Anti-noise tarpaulins, particularly used in urban areas, which confine the site and reduce the noise pollution of the sorting centre. 
Weekly tarpaulins or covers that can be placed directly on the waste to prevent it from getting wet. Note that some waste may not be recyclable if it is wet.

Should I choose my skip net according to the characteristics of the waste to be transported?
The choice of the most suitable skip net depends mainly on the contents of your transport skip. Depending on the waste to be transported, OTEXIO offers a complete range of tarpaulins and skip nets, from the lightest (suitable for transporting paper, for example) to the strongest and most tear-resistant (for transporting scrap metal).
Prices vary according to the product range chosen and are designed to adapt to the customer's budget constraints. In order to determine the price, the size of the net or tarpaulin needed to cover the skip will have to be determined.

Is it possible to secure a storage area in a warehouse and prevent goods from falling?
In an industrial warehouse, high storage areas for goods must be made safe. OTEXIO manufactures and installs anti-fall nets designed to prevent potential falls during the storage of goods (racks, pallet storage). The type of net or tarpaulin that can be used depends on the size and weight of the objects that the protection must be able to withstand in the event of a fall. An OTEXIO technical sales representative will carry out a diagnosis on site to guide you towards the most effective product.

I carry bulky items (wood, plastic). Which skip net should I use?
We recommend the use of NETLINE® Superior or NETLINE® Medium. We have also created a range of TARPLINE® tarpaulins, available in 3 quality levels according to their weight per m2: 900, 600 and 400. 
TARPLINE® 900 tarpaulins are used for large skips and semi-trailers. 
TARPLINE® 600 tarpaulins are mainly used for waste or grain bins. 
TARPLINE® Stock 400 or 230 tarpaulins are used for storage, to cover and protect your goods. These are not tarpaulins for transport as they are much lighter and less likely to resist shocks. 
Choosing your product according to its intended use is also a guarantee of its service life. All our tarpaulins are quality products designed to last over time, both for your comfort and for the environment. 

How do I protect water, gas or electricity pipes?
Underground water, gas and electricity pipes need to be protected from shocks. Today, they are protected by warning devices made of blue, red or yellow plastic film. In case of external interference, for example by an excavator, the warning device is not necessarily visible, so the pipes can be seriously damaged. To overcome this problem, OTEXIO has developed ENERGYTEX, a pipe protection system that couples a warning device to a high mechanical-strength mesh. Using cordage whose gauge was specifically sized by our design office, this mesh is capable of stopping a power shovel of up to 36 tonnes. Additional protection must therefore be used. We developed ENERGYTEX, a warning device and product of the OTEXIO range. It can prevent and especially stop a power shovel weighing up to 36 tonnes, when it is about to hit a buried pipe. Made to measure, the ENERGYTEX protection system is also easy to install, provides drainage and ventilation, and therefore does not create heat (especially for electrical pipes), avoiding any cavitation effect. 

How do I protect a waste storage site?
A waste storage site generates numerous nuisances (pollution, waste disposal, among others), for which OTEXIO provides solutions. 
Fixed or removable safety nets and weekly covers to prevent waste from being blown away. 
Waste blown away by the wind is a common occurrence in storage areas. We step in on site to assess and define the appropriate place to block the waste. The areas for action are never the same, as storage sites are constantly changing and winds can vary from one area to another. We therefore work with you according to your budget and your needs, and define the areas to be treated and the best protection solutions to be implemented. In most cases, we recommend the installation of removable protective nets, which make it possible to monitor the changes in the site over what are often large areas. In addition, the removable safety nets make it possible to get as close as possible to the waste in order to catch it quickly if it becomes airborne. We may recommend fixed nets on the site perimeter. We also propose weekly covers that come in rolls, to be placed on the waste to prevent it from flying away. 
Sight-barrier solutions for hiding a waste disposal site. 
The beauty of a landscape can also be affected by a waste storage site. In such cases, we propose installing sight-barrier nets around the areas of operation in order to hide the presence of waste. 
Protective nets to prevent clogging of basins.
We market protection nets to be placed on the basins to avoid clogging. Wind-blown waste often ends up in the basins and clogs the leachate pumps or the retention basins used in the event of fire. Fall arrest nets are also essential around the basins. To make the basins safe, ladders and lifebuoys must also be provided in case someone falls in. 
Bird control nets 
The presence of birds around waste storage sites is frequent and can cause problems. They consume and displace waste, which may then end up in the water and clog the basins. We recommend the installation of anti-bird netting in storage areas to prevent proliferation and colonies on site. 
Anti-odour tarpaulins to protect local residents. 
In waste storage areas, odours can quickly become unbearable. We provide anti-odour tarpaulins that can be placed directly over the waste. The anti-odour tarpaulin is equipped with a filtering system that captures odorous gases and filters them before they are released into the air. It is also possible to place the tarpaulins directly over the waste to prevent water from filtering through the waste and creating leachate. Waste water treatment is extremely expensive, so tarpaulins are used to avoid such processing operations. 

How do I protect a skip from sticky waste or waste that requires the skip to be washed after use?
When a skip is used to transport sticky or dirty waste, its interior should be protected with a suitable bag liner. This is why we created the PROCTOBENNE® range.
We can manufacture custom-made plastic film skip protectors that protect the skip from dirt and avoid the need to wash the skip after use. The operating gains are very significant, especially when the waste is very sticky and the skip takes a lot of time to wash.
We also manufacture custom-made protection that protect shipping containers when transporting waste or products that could damage or dirty the container.
We have both disposable and reusable models, always at a competitive price and guaranteeing excellent quality.

How do I make an inspection pit safe?
There are different ways to make an inspection pit safe: with a small-mesh, rigid or flexible, safety net. OTEXIO has developed a patent with a design office that analysed the different drop weights in order to design accessories capable of absorbing their impact force.
In 2015, OTEXIO launched the PROTECPIT® system, an inspection pit protection system consisting of a net that slides along a cable with regularly-spaced connectors to keep workers safe in the event of a fall.
We can also visit the site, study the specific needs of the customer and provide an estimate including on-site installation if necessary.

How do I make a building-site work area safe?
To prevent falls and accidents on building sites, we offer custom-made human-fall-arrest safety nets in accordance with the European standard NF EN 1263-1 of 2015. We also sell sight-barrier nets to secure the area around construction sites and work zones. Also made to measure and installable by us, these micromesh nets can be used as protection against dust and projections that are generated by the work. We visit our customers' building site and study the situation on-site in order to propose the best solution according to the specific needs of each work area. 

How do I choose the size of my skip net or cover?
The sizes vary first of all according to the overall dimensions of your skip. Then you have to look at the means of attachment of the elastics which will determine the additional lengths to be added to durably fix the net or the tarp to your skip.
Finally, we have to look at the overhang of the skip and the habits of the drivers, which are specific to each company and each country.
OTEXIO's strength is to manufacture custom-made nets and skip covers.
We listen to our customers and make the products that are best suited to their needs.

How can I reduce the odour nuisance of a sewage treatment plant?
It is possible to reduce the odour nuisance of a sewage treatment plant by using an anti-odour cover. Anti-odour tarpaulins are equipped with a filtering system that captures odorous gases and filters them so that they are not dispersed in the air. They can also be used to protect skips carrying odorous waste. For more information, see “How to protect a waste storage site?”

How can I make sports grounds (football pitches, golf courses, tennis courts, etc.) or gymnasiums safe?
In France, the sports grounds must be secured by safety nets. In response to an increasingly widespread need in the field of sport, OTEXIO now offers several types of protective nets and divider tarpaulins to delimit areas intended for the public and to secure areas of sporting activities such as golf courses, football pitches, gymnasiums and skating rinks. 

How can I easily delimit spaces on a large industrial site?
In the industrial sector, warehouses and other large spaces can be separated into different working areas by means of the installation of dividing tarpaulins, which can be made to measure if required. The tarpaulin also acts as a sound absorber and can be used as a sight-barrier when necessary.

How can I avoid airborne waste in sorting centres?
We have created a whole range of anti-scatter nets specially designed to prevent waste from being blown around sorting centres.
Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for our weekly covers, or our fixed or removable net protection solutions.
We can also carry out a study of your needs on site, our technicians travel throughout France and Europe to analyse the specific needs of the sorting centre and propose the most suitable anti-scatter protection.
For more information, see “How to protect a waste storage site?”


Where are OTEXIO products made?
OTEXIO products are made in our factories in Europe. We supply raw materials, drawings and specifications. Our factories take care of the preparation, cutting and assembly of the products. 

What is the history of OTEXIO and who runs the company today?
In the 1950s, OTEXIO was called Corderie Vincent, a rope manufacturing company based in Lyon. In 1988, Mr and Mrs Durieux took over the company and developed it for about twenty years. They then specialized in nets for skips and ropes for industry. In 2010, the two activities (ropes and nets) were sold: the first to a colleague and the second to the Durieux couple's children, Dimitri and Grégory. In 2016, Dimitri Durieux took over the reins of the establishment on his own. He concentrated on textile protection solutions (nets and tarpaulins) dedicated companies involved in recycling, transport, industry and sport.

What are your opening hours?
Our offices and phone line are open from 8:30am to 12pm and from 1:30pm to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. 

How many people work at OTEXIO?
OTEXIO has around thirty employees, the vast majority of whom are technicians. They travel throughout France and Europe to define your needs and find the products adapted to your requirements. Our design office is then responsible for updating, developing and creating the products. Finally, this information is sent to our factories for manufacturing. 

How can I contact an OTEXIO sales representative near me?
You can contact an OTEXIO sales representative:
Via the website. Click the “Request for an estimate” tab. 
By telephone. Call +33478520651 and press 1.
Indicate your department to our desk sales representative who will then direct you to the technician in charge of your department. 
Our sales representatives can visit immediately in case of emergency, or within two to three weeks anywhere in France. 

Are OTEXIO technicians present throughout France?
Yes, OTEXIO technicians travel throughout mainland France, in the French overseas departments and territories and in Europe. We also have a distribution network that distributes our products in the field in Europe (Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and so on).


When will I be delivered?
Delivery times for our orders are beyond our control. At the time of your order, we communicated to you an approximate delivery date estimated by us. You are then informed at each stage of the delivery of your order (departure from our warehouses, delivery by the carrier, etc.).

What payment methods are available?
You can pay for your orders by bank transfer, credit card or cheque. 
It is also possible to pay on credit. In this case, you will have to prove your creditworthiness by means of a letter from the Bank of France or by the balance of your bank account. You can then: 
Open an account if you wish to place orders regularly with OTEXIO. 
Alternatively, make a pro forma payment by bank transfer or credit card.

What is the status of my order? / How do I track my order?
Each order is confirmed within a maximum of 48 hours, during which time you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and an estimated delivery time. 
You will then be informed of each delivery stage: departure of the order from our warehouse, receipt of the order by the carrier, etc. 

How is VAT applied to exports?
Export VAT varies and depends on several factors. For more information about VAT, please contact our sales department. 

Can I benefit from free shipping? If so, under what conditions?
Yes, you can benefit from a carriage free service depending on your projects. Free shipping is applicable to projects exceeding €1,500 excluding VAT, depending on the products and quantities. All products in France, French overseas departments and territories and in Europe can benefit from free shipping. Our logistics service enables us to manage all types of deliveries, up to DAP (taking charge of the transport of the goods to the agreed delivery point). 


Why are OTEXIO products of better quality?
OTEXIO's custom-made products are a guarantee of quality. In order to meet all your needs and whatever your budget, we have designed all our product ranges with three levels of quality: standard, medium and superior. By choosing your net or tarpaulin according to your usage needs, you are guaranteed a tear-resistant, UV-treated product that will last over time.

Who can train my teams in the use of OTEXIO products?
At OTEXIO, we have a team entirely dedicated to change management and training. Our employees travel throughout France and Europe to support you and train your staff. They are responsible for installing the LiteCover® system on the operating sites as well as for training the drivers in how to cover and uncover the tarpaulin in complete safety. 

What are your manual tarpaulin systems?
OTEXIO offers the following manual tarpaulin systems:
LiteCover®: patented tarpaulin system for Ampliroll and multi-bin waste skips, which is unrolled using a special pole or net. The operator then easily places the net on the skip without risk. This system is patented by OTEXIO and today equips a large number of skip loaders in France and Europe. 
ROLLCOVER®: a tarpaulin system for skips that can be unrolled by hand or with a pole. This type of tarpaulin is widely used for construction waste, but also in agriculture, particularly to cover cereal skips. 
SLIDECOVER®: an ecomobilier system that slides along a cable, pulled by a traction rope, SLIDECOVER® allows the operator to cover the skip from front to back and vice versa. 
RCOVER®: the latest addition to OTEXIO's range of manual tarpaulin systems, RCOVER® is based on a patented rail system, which is placed on the sides of the skip and allows tarpaulin covering and removal on the right or left side of the skip. This system was designed for the recycling industry because it protects the waste from water in case of rain and prevents it from being blown away in case of wind. 

What are your automatic tarpaulin systems?
OTEXIO is a specialist in the design and development of automatic tarpaulin systems. We offer the following systems:
ORIGAMME®: Formerly called Manitop, this fully automatic tarpaulin system works with a remote control. Widely used for covering refuse skips on Ampliroll trucks, ORIGAMME® is today the only automatic tarpaulin solution in the world capable of covering both the truck's skip and the trailer with a single system. It is in fact the only one equipped with a roller allowing the unrolling of several nets, which are unhooked as they go along to be placed on different skips and/or trailers.
S cover: this automatic tarpaulin system works by means of a rail, which lets the cover of the skip slide by means of cables driven by an electric motor. This system makes the closing of skips, trailers or semi-trailers significantly easier, and is widely used in public works and waste transport.

What are the different types of skip liners available at OTEXIO?
OTEXIO markets three types of skip liners: liners for large skips from 30 to 40 m2, for medium skips from 10 to 20 m2 or for small multi-skips from 5 to 10 m2. These liners are made to measure in 100-micron polyethylene (plastic film) and are designed to protect against sludge, paint, sticky waste (bread dough, croquettes, cheese) and clinker. 
To protect shipping or railway containers, we offer custom-made thicker fabric skip liners with several attachment points. 
Our Bodybenne skip liners, which are made-to-measure big bags that are reclosable on top and conform to current standards, are perfect for transporting waste that contains asbestos. 

What are the different tarpaulin systems available from OTEXIO?
At OTEXIO, we develop and market several types of tarpaulin systems for Ampliroll skips from 7 to 45m3. Our manual tarping systems allow the operator to easily and safely cover the skip body from the ground with a pole or roller or a rail system. Our automatic tarpaulin systems go one step further, allowing ultra-safe tarpaulin covering of all types of skips and trailers in a single movement, using a system remotely controlled by the operator.

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
We select factories and develop very demanding specifications. We verify the conformity of each production and shipment by regular sampling to ensure that our quality standards are respected. We also have the raw materials tested by an independent research and control office. In addition, we carry out a constant quality follow-up with our factories. 

How do I choose the best tarpaulin system for my skip?
The most important criteria for choosing the right tarpaulin system are:
The nature of the goods/materials to be transported: straw, waste, cardboard, scrap metal, cereals, etc. 
The size and type of the skip(s) to be covered: cubic metres, presence of a trailer or semi-trailer, moving-bottom skip(s)...
The skip loading system (side or rear loading)
The nature and frequency of tarping/stripping operations: the proportion of manual operations to be carried out, as well as the context in which the tarpaulin-covering/removal takes place, will influence the choice of the best system.
The characteristics of the site: location, organisation of the site, the weather, and so on.
Budgetary constraints, as prices can vary significantly depending on the tarpaulin system chosen
OTEXIO has a team of technicians who travel throughout France and abroad to help you make the right choice. We also provide training, particularly for the LiteCover® tarpaulin system, as well as support throughout the project, to eradicate the risk of skip falls once and for all. 

How do I choose between a skip net and a tarpaulin?
The choice between a skip net and a protective tarp depends on the use you make of it, the size of the skip you need to cover and the nature of the materials you are transporting. Do not hesitate to contact our teams who will guide and support you and establish a precise diagnosis to help you choose the ideal net or tarpaulin for your needs. 

How are OTEXIO products different from those of other manufacturers?
We offer reliable, quality brands and are specialists in bespoke manufacturing. Each customer, country or region has its own needs and specificities, and we are committed to responding to each of them. 
We also have a quality monitoring system. We analyse each problem in detail and fix it, which allows our service rate to reach 95%. 
We are constantly looking for innovation and new products, which is why we travel all over France and Europe to find the best solutions 
We offer a turnkey service ranging from diagnosis to studies, including implementation plans and structural and mechanical studies. We produce the nets, tarpaulins and structures, right up to the installation supervised by a dedicated and professional team. 

How are NETLINE® and TARPLINE® nets and tarpaulins manufactured?
NETLINE® and TARPLINE® are OTEXIO's own brands. Their high level of workmanship ensures the durability of these nets and tarpaulins over time. The nets are made with 100% certified European raw materials. We place hems and eyelets at least every 50cm, or more if necessary, as well as elastics and other means of attachment to allow for immediate use. It is also possible to customise the nets and tarpaulins, and to add your brand, logo, silkscreen printing or any other distinctive sign, as well as to choose the colour of the final product.

Do you provide nets and tarpaulins for compactors?
Yes, we offer nets and tarpaulins for both stationary and monoblock compactors. We also sell tarpaulin accessories for compactors to replace damaged, bent or lost steel bars.

Do you offer the necessary accessories for the use of your tarpaulins and nets?
Yes, we also offer all the necessary accessories for:
Hanging, tightening and permanently fixing nets or tarpaulins—tensioners, cable clamps, carabiners, elastics, ropes—onto support structures.
The installation of nets: poles for LiteCover®. Simple poles that can be used to handle any type of net from the ground, can also be used in waste treatment centres to remove waste deposited in the wrong bins, or to remove dirt and annoying objects in household rubbish bins. 
Fixing products: straps, magnetic hooks or hooks to be fastened to the skip to hang the elastic that holds the cover in place.
Repair kits for nets and tarpaulins. These are very useful to maintain your products over time and extend their life without losing efficiency.

Do you offer spare parts for tarpaulin systems that are not yours?
Yes, we offer spare parts compatible with Transcover, Cramaro, Hy-tower tarpaulin systems. We also take care of frame net changes for skip manufacturers and replacements on Legras and Benalu semi-trailers.  

Are OTEXIO nets and tarpaulins tear-resistant?
Yes, OTEXIO tarpaulin systems are tear-resistant. They are also all UV-treated and have a long service life. In order to prolong the life of your product as much as possible, make sure you choose the model best suited to the use you are going to make of it. In order to help you choose the best product, our sales department is at your disposal by phone at +33478520651 or by messaging using our contact form.


Is the LiteCover® tarpaulin system safe?
The LiteCover® tarpaulin system patented by OTEXIO is completely safe. This system allows any operator to place a net over a skip very easily and safely. To date, the LiteCover® safe tarpaulin system has been fitted to a large number of skip loaders in France and abroad and remains one of the products most appreciated by our customers.

How can my crews cover a skip safely?
To cover a skip in complete safety, it is essential to allow the operator to carry out tarpaulin covering and removal operations without taking risks, especially when working at height. We offer several ground-based tarpaulin solutions, using safe systems. OTEXIO offers manual or automatic tarpaulin systems, depending on your needs, the nature and frequency of the operations to be carried out and the characteristics of the sites on which the operators work. You can find our solutions in detail in the “Available tarpaulin systems” section.  

How can I make a construction site safe and avoid accidents?
We propose two solutions to make a building site safe and avoid accidents:
Fall-arrest safety nets, indispensable on construction sites to protect your workers. All our human fall-arrest safety nets for building sites can be made to measure and comply with the provisions of standard NF EN 1263-1.
Sight-barrier nets, preventing among other things the projection of stones and other projectiles. 
Our teams travel all over France and Europe to study the situation and advise you on the best solution for the complete safety of your worksite areas. 

How can I avoid risks when covering a large skip with a tarpaulin?
When covering a large skip with a tarpaulin, it is possible to avoid taking risks by using either of our two solutions: the SLIDECOVER® system and the ROLLCOVER® system. Designed for large skips, they both make easy manoeuvrability possible. The SLIDECOVER® system covers the body from front to back and vice versa, while the ROLLCOVER® system allows you to cover a skip by hand or with the help of a pole from the ground.

How can accidents be avoided when installing a skip net?
To avoid accidents during the installation of a skip net, be sure to follow the guidelines and recommendations of our teams during the training sessions proposed. For more information on these training courses, please do not hesitate to contact our sales teams. 
In any case, we do our utmost to provide you with products equipped with everything you need to facilitate safe installation (hooks, elastics, poles and handling accessories, right up to automatic tarpaulin and release systems that reduce the operations to be carried out manually to a minimum).