Waste covers
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Waste covers

The storage of waste poses numerous problems and, in particular, generates nuisances that must be controlled by the operators so the sites are not closed.

In ultimate waste storage centres or non-hazardous waste storage facilities, the main problem is the scattering of paper and plastics. Indeed, every day we throw plastic bags and paper away which end up in landfill sites. When it is windy, these light products are carried by the wind and end up strewn over the areas around the site creating significant pollution.

To combat this problem, OTEXIO offers nets and also a PE fabric to prevent wind-blown litter. This solution is called weekly cover. 

Another significant problem caused by the recovery of waste is the odour. Some sites have significant odour problems constituting a major problem for the surrounding neighbourhoods. To face this problem we have developed an anti-odour tarpaulin made with activated carbon, which filters and significantly reduces unpleasant odours.

Another major issue on waste storage sites is rain, which wets the waste and creates waste liquid called leachate. The treatment of this liquid is very expensive and that is why operators seek to protect the waste from the rain. We have therefore developed a large-size waterproof cover that can be placed directly over the waste to protect it from the rain. This cover is called temporary cover.

These covers are installed by hand but also often using an unwinding device or unwinder/rewinder that we fabricate on demand according to our customers’ requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our covers. Our sales and technical teams travel throughout France and Europe to answer your questions and help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Waste covers