Sight-barrier, wind-break and anti-dust nets
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Sight-barrier, wind-break and anti-dust nets

Sight-barrier nets are used to hide the site from outside eyes. For example, a waste treatment site that is in a busy street or along a major highway can put up a more or less opaque sight-barrier net to hide itself from view.

We propose sight-barrier, anti-dust, windbreaker, rain-repellent netting with several fabrics and varying opacity rates:

– 80% sight-barrier 
– 90%
– and 100% that completely obscures the view
The choice is important because it will determine the quality of the corresponding structure.

The fine meshes of these nets are also used for wind protection. Widely used in agriculture, these nets, called wind-breaker nets, block or reduce the wind. As well as the sight-barrier nets, we propose wind-breaking nets with varying opacity which will reduce the wind speed to a greater or lesser extent. In order to ensure quality, we only offer quality products of a certain basis weight and with anti-UV treatment. As the size of the area exposed to the wind is considerable, we systematically put eyelets on reinforced edges

We very often also use these 1 mm mesh nets in recycling and waste treatment to reduce the dust created by the site operations. The material sorting centres are often in urban areas and the dust caused is regularly a source of annoyance and even conflict with neighbours. To deal with these problems OTEXIO offers anti-dust nets with a 1 mm mesh size that will stop dust. We can even have nets with even finer meshes to stop ultra-fine dust.
Finally, these nets serve as a rain screen on the sides of the buildings. Hangars are often open on the sides for waste management or in industry and agriculture. On the sides exposed to the wind when it rains, the angle caused by the wind drives the rain into the hangar and wets the inside. To reduce this problem, we recommend installing our micro-meshed mesh fences. The rain falls on the nets and protects the inside of the buildings. You can have removable nets made if the sides of the building are used for the passage of vehicles. In this case, we can propose manual or electric opening/closing systems.
All our sight-barrier, wind-break, anti-dust, and rain-repellent nets are made of high-density polyethylene with UV protection. They are made to measure according to the needs of our customers and according to the specifications requested and established with them.

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Sight-barrier, wind-break and anti-dust nets