Sheeting and safety accessories for retention basins
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Sheeting and safety accessories for retention basins

All waste treatment sites have water retention basins for capturing rainwater that has been contaminated by the waste and needs to be treated to clean it up.

But rainwater recovery basins are also used in the event of a fire.
Wind-blown plastic or paper waste often ends up in these basins on the treatment facility. They clog up the pumps and, therefore, solutions need to be found to prevent the wind-blown waste getting into the water basin.

Similarly, leaves often fall into the basins and sometimes even animals from nearby forests or fields: rabbits, birds, deer and even dogs or cats.

To protect these basins, OTEXIO has developed netting solutions for recovering them and preventing all this paper, plastic, leaves and animals from falling into the basins and blocking the operating mechanisms.

We have also developed 100% waterproof tarpaulin covers that shield the basins, limiting the amount of rainwater falling into them and thereby reducing the volume of wastewater (leachate) needing to be treated.

Finally, we have developed a full range of accessories to make the basins safe in line with current standards: animal retrieval net, lifebuoy, life jacket, rope ladders.

Sheeting and safety accessories for retention basins