Protective covers for the environment
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Protective covers for the environment

OTEXIO has been working for waste-processing professionals for over 20 years, providing nets and tarpaulins for skips, but also netting that helps protect against troubles generated by the recovery of this waste. The product range we offer goes from waste control netting, anti-dust netting or visual barrier fences.

To maintain the service continuity, we have responded to our customers’ demands to protect sites with fabric covers and thereby reduce the nuisances generated by the recovery of waste. 

These net and tarpaulin fabrics can be installed horizontally directly on the ground to provide protection from the wind, rain and odours, or to control dust particles. 

Due to increasing customer demand, we have developed a comprehensive range of technical fabrics to address these problems: 

  • Waste control cover: weekly cover
  • Breathable, anti-odour waste cover
  • Waterproof cover: temporary cover


The next question is to know how to install the covers. To this end, we have developed the unwinders and rewinders needed to install them over the waste.

To continue to provide our customers with solutions, we have answered to several requests to cover landfill leachate lagoons or water-retention basins, developing net covers but also watertight protections to recover rain water. 

Finally, we offer a complete range of basin accessories complying with safety standards: ladders, nets, lifebuoys and lifejackets

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Protective covers for the environment