Nets and tarpaulins for automatic tarping systems
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Nets and tarpaulins for automatic tarping systems

ORIGAMME® (formerly called Manitop made by Manitou) emerged in 2000 in the West of France providing a mechanised solution to the problem of covering skips.

Using a single remote, the driver can cover a hooklift skip on a truck or trailer.

The sheeting arm extends out from the skip, moving around the skip and unrolling the net over the skip.This is the safest of all the sheeting systems, as the operator simply has to hook the net onto the skip at the start and end of the operation, to attach the elastic cords to the skip using his rod.

Approximately 150 units have been sold in France since 2000.

We started selling this system 2 years ago in response to popular customer demand.
User feedback has been very positive:

Ease of use
Quick installation
High quality of the equipment
Resistance of the equipment over time

One of the main problems encountered by users was the weight: approximately 1 tonne.
With the help of a specialised firm of engineering consultants, we have reviewed the forces applied to the arm and optimised its weight to arrive at the current weight of 650 kg, that is a reduction of more than 35% of its weight.

OTEXIO sells the system but also the nets and accessories. As this system is manufactured in France, we can also offer all the replacement parts and maintenance directly from the factory.

Nets and tarpaulins for automatic tarping systems