NETLINE® Skip and trailer nets
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NETLINE® Skip and trailer nets

The problem of protection during transportation is an important issue that OTEXIO has been working on for over 30 years. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the law requires all loads being transported to be covered. 

If this cover does not need to be waterproof, nets are appropriate. In fact, nets are lighter, more flexible, and hence easier to use and manoeuvre during covering and uncovering operations. That was then the use of nets grew in environmental sectors (waste transport), agriculture (straw and crop transport) and all types of goods.

Initially, the nets used were made with fishing-net type mesh. Very quickly micromesh nets appeared for their practicality: the mesh does not get caught and the net simply slides over the load.
OTEXIO was one of the first companies to offer micromesh nets, or nets with a filament diameter of just one millimeter, for transporting waste and other loads. 

This has been our inspiration to develop a complete range of transport nets, from mesh nets to micromesh nets of various qualities to meet our customers’ specific requirements: 

A large range of safety netting:
  • Resistant: low resistance to tear propagation
  • Custom-made
  • Easy to handle
  • Light and flexible
  • Repairable    
  • Assorted colours
A solution for any type of application:
  • Nets for skips from 4 to 90 m³
  • Frame nets for skips and semi-trailers
  • Custom-made nets for compactors, sludge tanks and waste containers, 
  • Longer nets for semi-trailers and moving floor trailers: LEGRAS, STAS, BENALU …
  • Standard or customised nets for landscape trucks
  • Protective netting for public works trucks
  • Retrofit nets for automatic sheeting systems: Origamme, “HyTower”, Transcover, Cramaro.
OTEXIO technical sales team located throughout Europe are available to help you find the net best suited to your requirements and for any type of transport: industrial waste, metals, paper/cardboard, crops, straw, etc.
NETLINE® Skip and trailer nets