Fall-arrest safety nets
Protect humans and environment
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Fall-arrest safety nets

OTEXIO designs, manufactures and installs fall-arrest net solutions.

We have a wide range of nets in stock according the desired use.

Safety nets vary according to the purpose you want them to serve.

We can provide nets in various mesh sizes ranging from 1 mm to 100 mm.

It is also possible to make safety nets by joining them up in order to combine the advantages of each fabric and increase the resistance of anti-explosion nets, as an example. This also applies to human fall-arrest nets conforming to Standard EN 1263-1 with a mesh size of 100 mm combined with 1 mm debris nets.

For these fall-arrest, anti-explosion and safety net solutions, we can design the project you have in mind including the fastenings, concrete foundation blocks and also the installation.

Our specialised design office as well as our technical sales team are available throughout France and Germany to answer your questions and to help you find the product best suited to your fall-arrest, anti-explosion and safety net needs.

Fall-arrest safety nets