Bungee cord reels
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Bungee cord reels

All trucks and skips are required to be equipped with a protection net or a tarpaulin. 

These products are systematically fitted with a bungee cord to securely attach them to a truck or skip.

Of course, the cords tend to wear out and need replacing. Each garage therefore has a reel of bungee cord in stock ready to be fitted to a tarpaulin or net so the vehicle is not immobilised. 

We offer high-quality elastic straps made from multi-stranded rubber (as opposed to single-strand which is the lower end of the range) with a UV-stabilised, high-density polyethylene cover.

We have 100m spools in several diameters in stock: 6, 8 and 10 mm in different colours, available within 48/72 hours

Bungee cord reels