Accessories for compactor skip
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Accessories for compactor skip

Compactor skips are closed skips with a hole (or mouth) on one side to allow the waste to be introduced. The waste is then compacted inside to optimise the volume to be transported. Compactor skips are often used for all types of waste that can be easily compressed.

There are two types of compactor skips:

Single block waste compactors: the compacting element is fixed. 
Stationary waste compactors: the compacting block is removable and remains at the customer’s premises. 
In this second case, the skip is separated from the compactor for emptying. The mouth of the compactor is then in the open air and the compacted waste tends to come out in the opposite direction (compared to the direction of compaction).

To prevent the waste from coming out, compactor manufacturers of provide metal bars that hold back the strong force of the waste. These steel bars bend, are difficult to reposition and are also very heavy.

This is why OTEXIO, together with its engineering and design office, has developed two accessories for compactor skips to simplify the pinning operation:

The plastic pinning bar, which is light and without shape memory.
The pinning cable, which is flexible, does not twist, and above all allows pinning in tight spaces.

Accessories for compactor skip