Protective nets for waste treatment
Protect humans and environment
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Protective nets for waste treatment

Over the years, OTEXIO has developed a complete range of specialised mesh nets against the nuisances linked to the recycling of waste.

In their waste treatment jobs, environmental professionals are confronted with various problems that OTEXIO solves with simple and effective products.

The main problem on waste processing sites is wind. It catches plastics or paper and sometimes blows them over long distances. This airborne waste at processing sites can cause environmental pollution and inconvenience to the surrounding areas. We have developed a range of protective mesh netting to stop windblown litter.

In the same way, the wind blows dust created by the waste operations, which poses a major problem for neighbours in urban areas. The installation of anti-dust nets on the areas most exposed to this risk helps to solve the problem of dust pollution.

In addition, these operating centres (sorting centres, incinerators or storage centres) create visual pollution. This is why we also take care of the installation of sight-barrier netting to hide the sites from outside view.

Installation of mesh protection nets in France and Germany
Installing these protective nets for waste treatment raises important questions and installation issues: 

How do you attach these mesh nets?
What should they be placed on?
How to size the fastening structures?
These are the questions we have been answering for more than 15 years.

OTEXIO has become the specialist in turnkey textile solutions to deal with these problems of flight, sight and wind on waste sites.

We offer complete solutions, from the on-site study by our design office, to the supply of the structures, to the installation of the nets on site.

Our technicians in France and Germany are available to provide you with the textile solution adapted to your operation.

Protective nets for waste treatment