Basin covering nets

Water retention or leachate basins collect rain water and contaminated water on waste treatment sites or polluting industry facilities.

The water they contain is then extracted by pumps located at the bottom of the basins. 

When obstructed, these pumps strain and break which is very expensive to repair. To prevent this, MTS has developed netting solutions that retain the plastic and paper waste, but also leaves from trees and can even stop animals falling into the basins.

Our nets can be made with small or large mesh according to the specific requirements of each site. 

The main problem with small mesh is that it retains snow which weighs the net down and can break the structures that hold the netting in place. 

Our internal Engineering and Design Department therefore calculates the foundations necessary for each specific site according to the snow areas, the types of mesh requested (1 mm to 200 mm) and also the size of the basin.

Taking into account the particularities of each site, our sales technical team travels all over France and Europe to provide you with a customised quotation.

Of course, our specialist net installation team will also be happy to carry out the installation for you.
The results of our installations are very positive and our nets effectively stop leaves, paper and animals falling into the basins, which ensures their proper functioning.

These nets can also be used as sight-barriers to hide the basins from the neighbourhood. We therefore install screening nets over the basins with special foundations that are able to support the heavy weight of snow.