Divider nets and tarpaulins
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Divider nets and tarpaulins

In industry, sport and the environment sector, textile products are often used as a partition to separate off or to protect an area. Indeed, constructions do not always have partitions or walls. Industries are constantly evolving and changing. It is impossible to provide for partitions at the construction stage or to know how the company will be organised in the future. 

This means that is it sometimes necessary to create an intermediate partition in a warehouse to separate two companies or two workshops. Sometimes a wall needs to be extended to protect against the sun, rain or the surrounding area. Net and tarpaulin technical textiles offer an ideal solution for serving as partitions or separating walls. They are lightweight, flexible and easy to install. 
A net or tarpaulin can be used depending on the use and purpose of the separation.

OTEXIO is there to design your project for you, supply the products and install them throughout France and Europe.

Our technical sales team is available to help you find the most suitable net or tarpaulin solution for your separation project.

Divider nets and tarpaulins