Waste control nets

The bane of waste treatment and recovery sites is the scattering of paper and plastic waste caused by the wind. Certain areas are more or less susceptible depending on the wind corridors or simply their level of exposure. Plastic and paper are caught in the wind and strewn all over the areas surrounding the sorting or waste storage centres.  The costs of picking up this litter are significant. That is why we offer our clients to install waste-control nets, either as close as possible to the area of operation or around the periphery.

We supply several different types of net selected for each individual customer, based on three criteria: wind speed, the amount of waste to contain, and the budget. 

Our nets are typically made from UV-stabilised polyethylene but also UV-stabilised, high-tenacity nylon for the most robust nets.

The mesh sizes available go from 14 mm to 100 mm for this type of application.

Each net is custom-made according to our customers' needs: height, length, location, etc. 
All the nets are supplied with reinforced side strips.