the complete system

MTS is selling the complete, secure ORIGAMME® (formerly Manitop) sheeting arm.

This patented system consists of several parts:

  • The cylinder which brings the arm out from the chassis.
  • The telescopic arm at right angles that comes out from under the truck and goes up behind the cab.
  • The rollerbar containing one or two skip nets.
  • The rotating cylinder that turns the arm on the axle and unfolds the net over the skip.


The new version of the ORIGAMME secure sheeting system (patented product) weighs approximately 650 kg.

Using his remote control, the driver deploys the arm from its housing then raises the arm to the highest level so that it passes over the skips.
He then rotates the arm until it reaches the lowest point behind the truck. The driver attaches the net to the skip by using a strap. Once secured, the net can be unrolled over the skip. Lastly, the driver attaches the net bungee cords onto the skip using his rod.

For uncovering, the movement is simply reversed. The net is rolled up on the rollerbar so certain attachment points can be unhooked in the waste. 100% secure system.

The ORIGAMME® has the great advantage of being able to have at least 2 nets on its rollerbar meaning that it can cover at least 2 skips.

Indeed, on other sheeting systems, the net is attached to the rollerbar which makes it impossible to cover more than one skip. In these cases you need to have one system for the truck and another one for the trailer. That is not very practical but also, and most importantly, raises issues in terms of the resistance of the systems which get damaged very quickly.

Installation on a truck conforms to the European gauge standards but also to cyclist protection equipment.

When purchasing the system, the customer provides MTS with diagrams of their chassis so that we can prepare the system and make all the necessary holes on the chassis mounting plate.
If you would like a demonstration, please contact our Technical Sales Department.