Bird control net

Birds pose a major problem on waste processing sites. Indeed, flocks of birds come and feed off waste which quickly creates a high bird population disturbing both the facility and neighbours.
There are numerous solutions, such as noise or the use of hawks, but none of completely eliminates the problem.

The net solution consists of totally covering the area of operation so that birds cannot reach the waste. This is what we installed on a sorting centre unable to tolerate any birds. It was a great success and now there are no birds flying above or alongside the site.

Likewise, we install this type of net on water retention basins or leachates. A comprehensive protection of the basin is possible by installing a bird control or even animal net to stop creatures falling into the basins. 

The nets we supply are very high quality and of European origin. The mesh sizes range from 100 to 200 mm. They are UV-stabilised and reinforced along the edges.