Basin access ladders and net

Historically a leader in the rope-making sector, MTS has used all its rope-making expertise to hand-craft and custom-make sport and playground accessories that can be used in industry in general, and basins in particular.

Rope ladders are one such example. This product used in playgrounds and on swings has been adapted to meet the requirements of basin users.

All basins must have ladders to allow access to the inside of the basin and in particular to make sure that anyone who falls into the basin can get out. Indeed, the walls are very slippery and there is nothing to hold onto to climb up and get out of the basin. 

MTS has therefore developed a range of high-quality ladders meeting the requirements of its customers:

  • 1. Standard rope ladders: custom-made using 12mm-thick, UV-stabilised, high-tenacity, polypropylene rope with 30mm-thick treated, rot-proof wooden rungs. This product is the first which perfectly suits clean water retention basins (fire-fighter with rain water capture). Wear of the product should be monitored according to the level of water stagnation in order to minimise, as much as possible, the immersion of the ladder in the water.


  • 2. Rope ladder with plastic rungs: this product is made from 12mm-thick, UV-stabilised, high-tenacity polypropylene rope with 30mm-thick plastic rungs. The resistance of the rungs to water is even more important. This product should be used when the water levels fluctuate greatly meaning the ladder is regularly submerged under the water. 


  • 3. Metal cable ladder with aluminium rungs: (High-quality product). It is made from steel or stainless steel cables with aluminium rungs. This product is recommended for leachate basins (corrosive products) with significant variations in levels requiring a ladder with high resistance when submerged.


  • 4. Pilot ladder: this ladder is made from polypropylene rope and has 50 mm-wide rectangular wooden planks creating a real rope staircase. This product was originally made for climbing into ships. The wooden planks offer very good support and are more secure than wooden or plastic rungs. This ladder is perfect for sites where ladders are regularly used to access the basins. 


In the same way as ladders, climbing nets, often used in adventure-based rope parks, are put in the basins so animals can climb out. When animals fall into the basin they cannot climb up the slippery walls. Unfortunately, they are also unable to use the ladders and it is very common to find dead animals at the bottom of the basins. To avoid that, MTS provides nets made from different types of mesh that can be installed on several sides of the basin according to its size. They go down to the water level and provide support for animals in distress that are looking for a way to get out of the water.