Accessories and maintenance

The patented ORIGAMME® (formerly Manitop) sheeting system is the most reliable automatic sheeting system on the market.

The systems we have sold that are already being deployed have hardly ever been out of service for breakdowns or due to weaknesses on the accessories.

However, a breakdown or breakage can occur and the biggest advantage is that this system is manufactured in France.

MTS can therefore travel throughout France to see what the problem is. Then, the engineers can diagnose the problem and send the replacement parts very quickly.

The net has a cut-out specific to the straps. We make the net from the highest quality woven micromesh enabling it to slide over the waste without getting caught on scrap and pallets. We deliver the nets ready-to-use from stock with the bungee cords in place.

Also, we deliver the systems with a pole that is used to attach and hook the net bungee cords onto the skip.