Woven fine mesh nets


Since its involvement in micromesh netting and to ensure quality, OTEXIO has focused on woven nets. They are called "woven" for the vertical and horizontal filaments (warp and weft) are disposed parallel to each other.

The advantage is that these woven nets have excellent resistance to tear propagation as the filaments lock when under tension; therefore the holes grow much less quickly than on traditional knitted nets.

OTEXIO has always selected products manufactured by European companies offering high-quality woven nets made using premium Polyethylene. This raw material is not recycled, it is a virgin product made from UV-stabilised filaments to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. We regularly weight and test our materials to monitor the quality of the products manufactured by our workshops.

These woven nets offer a major advantage during use, their rigidity helps them slide easily over waste, crops, straw and metals. As a consequence they are very easy to fit onto/take off skips. Furthermore, the less they snag, the less they tear and therefore the less often they need to be changed or replaced.

Manufacture of woven nets or skips

Our long experience enables us to custom-make these nets to suit our customers' specific requirements: standard nets for skips, semi-trailers and moving floor trailers, waste compactors, moving floor frame nets, transporting straw and green waste, etc. 

As standard: All our nets are made using a double-thickness, double hem. The eyelets that the bungee cords pass through are spaced at intervals of 0.50 metres. 

Don’t forget we can customise any product according to on-site requirements: reinforced tarpaulin surround, fitting reinforcements in areas subjected to excessive friction, choice of eyelet spacing, reinforced strap, etc.

Request a visit from one of our technical sales representative to find the product that best meets your requirements.


Two references are constantly available in stock:

Superior quality 1206
Medium quality 1270

Please remember: premium selection of fabrics, excellent tensile strength, easy to fit as the net slides over the load.