Waterproof storage tarpaulins


Why use a heavy and expensive tarpaulin to protect goods that are not being transported?

The first question to ask when purchasing a tarpaulin cover: is it going to be used for transportation or on-site storage: industrial, sorting centre, waste storage facility? 

With a view to facilitating installation, but also to minimise costs, a waterproof storage tarpaulin does not have the same constraints as a transport tarpaulin.

That is why we have developed a range of lighter tarpaulins to protect stored goods: industrial waste, paper, cardboard, sludge from water treatment plants, contaminated soil, heavy metals, manure.
We mainly work with two fabrics suitable for this use: 230 and 400 g/m².

The fabric is made with reinforced edging and eyelets at intervals of 0.50 metres.
We also make bespoke and large size tarpaulins if required (cf. storage tarpaulins)