Transport tarpaulin


OTEXIO has developed a range of transport tarpaulins to meet customer demand.

The tarpaulins cover the goods so they do not get wet or humid during transportation. The main difficulty with these tarpaulins is installing them on the skips or trucks.

We therefore offer a wide range of products to solve the problems faced by transporters, understanding that we must find the best weight-resistance intelligent solution.
Indeed, the lighter the fabric, the weaker it is. Therefore, if the goods being transported are very sharp, or if there is a lot of friction, the strongest and heaviest tarpaulin will be needed.

The standard tarpaulin is the 600 g/m² tarpaulin.

Each product has a specific use. This is why our sales team is always there to carefully listen to our customers to help them find the tarpaulin that best meets their particular requirements.