Sliding sheeting system


In response to customer demand, OTEXIO has developed a sliding sheeting system that can be made from either micromesh net or waterproof tarpaulin.

As the problem usually turns out to be the easy installation of the net or tarpaulin from the ground, we wanted to find a quick solution enabling the net or tarpaulin to be deployed on a regular skip without requiring the pulleys that feature on sheeting systems such as Cramaro or Marcollin.

Indeed, these systems slide on cables and return pulley systems enables the tarpaulin to be deployed using a handle in one location.

But when transporting waste, these pulleys deteriorate very quickly. We have therefore been asked to remove them and to simply extend the cable along the side rail of the skip. As a result the net or tarpaulin slides over the top when the driver pulls the net using a very strong rope.

The result is entirely positive and makes it possible to easily and safely install the net or tarpaulin from the ground. This system is widely used for skips with an application dedicated to each type: voluntary collection-point skips, ECO MOBILIER landfill skips or industries with waste posing a high risk of escaping.

This system is made from net or tarpaulin. We deliver the system good-to-go with all the accessories needed for installation and use.