OTEXIO is THE specialist in woven micromesh nets. We select factories specialised in the production of high quality, UV-stabilised micromesh fabric that offers exceptional resistance to tear propagation. These nets are used to make the SAFECOVER® system which is manufactured in our workshops in order to provide a ready-to-use quality net.

The SAFECOVER® net has resulted in TWO PATENTS offering users with a unique ease of handling.
The choice of the quality and size of the net is important. Our technical sales team is there to help our customers choose the right fabric and, in particular, the size best suited to our customers' skip fleet.

The dimensions: 

SAFECOVER® has the great advantage of being able to adapt to all types of skips. It can cover 7 to 45 m3 hooklift skips, but also skip loaders. To choose the right size, you simply have to know the size of your biggest skips.

  • For skips up to 40m3 we recommend the 8.50 m long net
  • For skips up to 35 m3, the 8 m long net 
  • For skips up to 30m3, the 7.50 m long net


Skip loaders are significantly smaller and in this case we recommend the 6 m nets.
In terms of the width, we can create whatever size you desire, adapting the product to our customers' requirements.

Our standard net widths are 3 m, 3.30 m and 3.60 m.

The quality: 

We have 3 fabric qualities perfectly suited to each type of waste: superior quality for metals and ordinary industrial waste (OIW), standard quality for paper and boxes, and lastly LITE quality which is as robust as the superior quality but 40% lighter.