Ever since covering skips became compulsory in the 1990’s, a major safety problem has arisen during skip the covering and uncovering process. Indeed, 30 to 40 m3 skips are over 2.5 m high and this height can be above 4 m when the skip is on the truck (or for semi-skips). Many drivers have had serious accidents due to falling from the skip during the covering process. 

Nevertheless, covering skips remains compulsory as the dropping of waste during transportation can cause even more serious road accidents. Waste transport professionals are therefore looking for effective solutions to avoid climbing into the skips to fit and remove the nets.

As a partner of transport professionals, OTEXIO has logically looked into the question and has found a simple efficient and cost-effective product. The first product we invented was the net on an unwinder/rewinder device attached to the skip. The operator had been using a pole and rod to deploy the net. Then, this unwinder became mobile thanks to the help of magnets, but very quickly these two solutions proved to be too difficult for the drivers to install on a daily basis.

The idea to remove this unwinder/rewinder and replace it with a simple fixing system using bungee cords on the hinge of the skips popped up. This is how SAFECOVER® was born in September 2003 and patented in France and Europe right after. Since, OTEXIO has sold over 10,000 of them in France and abroad. All this time we continue to improve it to make the skip covering and uncovering process quicker and easier.

SAFECOVER® has completely eliminated the risk of falling from skips, needless to say the drivers work in absolute safety, stay clean and save time compared with a standard net or automatic covering system.

The SAFECOVER® system contains:

  • 1 net per truck and 1 net per trailer: these nets are available in different qualities and sizes.
  • A pole, rod and a handle facilitate the deployment of the net over the waste.  You need one set per truck or coupling (truck and trailer)
  • Installation kits to easily and permanently fit the system on the truck.
  • Training: the installation of the SAFECOVER® system requires training provided by OTEXIO in France and abroad.
  • Different accessories make the use of the SAFECOVER® system even more practical over time.


A covering system that meets several requirements:

  • Increases the safety of drivers by lowering the risk of accidents, such as falling from height, while covering skips.
  • Adapts to all types of skips thanks to a versatile covering and uncovering system (skips from 7 to 40m3) that can also be used in confined spaces.
  • Reduces difficulties during skip covering and uncovering operations thanks to an optimal ergonomic design.
  • More productive and safer as the covering time is much smaller when compared to traditional covering methods.
  • Less clutter on the truck.
  • Cost-effective when compared to mechanical covering and uncovering solutions.
  • Does not require ANY maintenance since there are no mechanics.