Protective bag liner


Waste is unquestionably dirty and therefore it soils the container carrying it. Skips are then always dirty and damaged by waste. That might not always be a problem as the waste is disposed of when the skip is emptied.
But, sometimes, the waste is sticky and adheres to the skip. The skip then has to be washed.

This washing procedure is very specific. The skip has to be taken to a washing station where it is washed with a high-pressure hose and shovel or coarse broom. The dirty water then has to be treated.

This is time-consuming, thus, an expensive procedure.

That is why, in the worst case scenario, the skips are not washed and the sticky residue builds up in the bottom of the skip. Transport is therefore carried out using a more or less full skip which is also very costly. Even worse, at some point the skip becomes full and can no longer be used. You then have to buy another one.

To avoid that, many operations line the bottom and sides of the skip with a plastic film. This film is attached using adhesive tape to better protect the skip from sticky waste: sludge from wastewater treatment plants, pulp, oil sludge, concrete, cement, paint, waste pastes of all kinds, etc.

Fitting this plastic film takes a long time but is nonetheless very useful.

That is why we have come up with a standard plastic product preformed to the size of the skip.
We have created the Protective bag product range that consists of bag liners made from plastic film or natural fibre material prefabricated to the size of the skip to protect the entire skip and that can be fitted in just a few minutes.

These bags are disposed of when the skip is emptied along with the waste. No more sticky substances on the sides of the skip or container. Gone are the hours spent washing skips and skips that are half-full of sticky waste.

Plastic bag liners made with natural fibres are THE cost-effective solution for all stakeholders in the waste transport and recycling industries.