Pinning accessories


Waste compactors are closed skips with an opening (or mouth) on one side so waste can be introduced. The waste is therefore compacted inside to optimise the amount of waste that can be transported. These skips are often used for waste that compacts easily.
There are two types of compacters, mobile compactors and static compactors. The first type always has the compacting element with it, while with the second type; the compacting unit stays at the customer's. With static compactors, the skip is separated from the unit when it is emptied.
The mouth of the compactor is therefore in the open air and the compacted waste tends to escape the opposite way to the compacting.

To prevent the waste from escaping, compactor manufacturers provide metal bars that hold back the strong force of the waste.

These steel bars bend and are difficult to put back. They are also very heavy.

That is why, together with its Engineering and Design Department, Corderie Vincent has developed pinning products to simplify the pinning operation:

Made out of plastic, the pinning bar is light and has shape memory.

The pinning cable is flexible, does not bend and allows you to pin in confined spaces.