Other SAFECOVER® products


The SAFECOVER® covering system represents a change in working habits which is sometimes difficult to accept, especially when drivers have been used to climbing into the skips to install the nets themselves.

That is why OTEXIO is committed to finding and developing products that make the SAFECOVER® system easier and more practical to use. Firstly, it is essential that the SAFECOVER® nets and their installation accessories are conveniently located on the truck; we offer a simple and secure installation kit. Furthermore, you need to have the components available. We therefore recommend one system per driver that can be stored in a SAFECOVER® storage box designed specifically for this purpose.

In addition, the net needs to be in good operable condition. The bungee cords should be repaired so they slide easily on the net and are able to secure. We therefore offer a needle for threading the bungee cord so they can be replaced easily. Likewise, we offer a net repairing kit is which consists of ultra-strong tape for patching and plugging holes on the nets.

Finally, training is the key element when it comes to installation. OTEXIO is an approved training provider.