Mesh nets for transportation


OTEXIO offers a selection of mesh netting for transportation.

These nets are still used in some cases to prevent material from falling when transporting waste, plants or straw. They are often used on small trailers to stop objects from falling out. These nets are light and flexible. They can be easily stored on the truck and fastened effortlessly onto the skip hooks according to the filling or size of the container.

We select very high-quality nets from our European factories, made with virgin polyethylene and polyamide, in other words, nets that haven't been recycled. All our nets are UV-stabilised.

We have several types of net constructions: braided with knots, twisted with knots or knitted (braided knotless). Each type comes in various sizes of thread and mesh. 

Our workshop specialised in making this type of net manufactures these fabrics as standard in square not diamond mesh, with a reinforced selvedge edge and an edging rope on the net.  This edging can be in rope or cord and makes it possible to securely attach the net onto the skip or truck. 

All our products can be customized: tarpaulin hem, positioning of eyelets, connection to another fine-mesh net or tarpaulin support, etc.

Our team of technical sales representatives are available throughout France and Europe to help you find the right product for your needs.

Please note that due to their rigidity, these nets have a tendency to become diamond-shaped once fabricated. To help them regain their rectangular form, you need to pull hard in the corners and wait until it returns to its original shape.