Knitted mesh nets


Knitted micromesh nets are commonly used in the waste transport sector. They are very affordable as the fabric is less expensive to manufacture than the other nets. Many drivers regularly use these nets for their flexibility, but also because they are easy to handle and store on the trucks. 

OTEXIO supplies this lightweight, flexible net for its customers who are used to this kind of quality. The knitted net is recommended for covering low-abrasive objects or waste with no sharp edges such as paper, cardboard, foam, etc. Our partner manufacturer, supplies a very high quality UV-stabilised product made with virgin polyethylene.

The standard quality of these nets has double-stitched reinforced edging. The eyelets are positioned at intervals of 0.50 metres and the bungee cord is pre-fitted create a ready-to-use net.

Of course we can also customise this fabric according to individual on-site requirements. We can make the hems in tarpaulin, put the supports in different locations and shape them into specific forms.

Contact our team of technical sales representatives for any specific request and they will help you find the product that best meets your needs.