Installation accessories


The net is fitted using a pole, with a rod at the end that goes into the sleeve of the netting. We have added a handle to facilitate the usage of the SAFECOVER® covering system.

These accessories are key parts of the SAFECOVER® covering system. They have also evolved over the years and in response to customer feedback. Originally, the pole was a well-known off-the-shelf product but it very quickly proved itself too fragile. Customers therefore asked us to develop a stronger, more user-friendly pole.

In answer to these difficulties, OTEXIO worked with a top engineering and design department to design a more ergonomic product. We developed a simple and lightweight pole with a roller so it can run over the side of the skips.

The rod itself has been streamlined and simplified. 
The whole unit weight has gone from 4.5 kg to 2.5 kg.
We have also developed a unique product that can be adjusted anywhere on the pole to suit every user of the SAFECOVER® covering system.