Coated nets


Nets referred as "coated" are nets of the same construction as the waterproof tarpaulins but with mesh. They are also called "perforated tarpaulins".

Constructed from a multi-filament polyester thread core, these threads are PVC-coated and UV-stabilised. We select our fabrics of European origin from among the leading coated-fabric manufacturers.

These nets are often used to cover waste skips and in particular net frames on skips or moving floor trailers, but also voluntary collection points. They are very strong with excellent resistance to tear elongation.

Furthermore, their coating means they can be repaired easily. By heating and melting the PVC it is possible to use a repair patch to plug the hole. The mesh is 1 mm x 1 mm and can therefore be used to cover all types of waste and content. 

These fabrics are often used for shading or screening due to their opacity. 

We sale these fabrics as standard with a sewn or welded surround onto which we fit eyelets at 0.50 m intervals then we add an 8 or 10 mm elastic rope border.

We also make-to-measure to respond to the needs of our customers: bespoke shapes, reinforcement plate for cables, and installation of eyelets according to the plans, etc. We have a range of the latest high frequency welding machines but also hot-welding machines.

The range is available in 3 references: 

The strongest HSK 800 which is used as a Moving Floor frame net.
The standard version KSK 250/350, used as standard for skips according to the colour.