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OTEXIO is THE specialist in woven micromesh nets.  We select factories specialised in the production of high quality, UV-stabilised micromesh fabric that offers exceptional resistance to tear propagation. 

These nets are used to make the SAFECOVER® tarp system which is manufactured in our workshops in order to provide a ready-to-use quality net.

The SAFECOVER® net has resulted in TWO PATENTS offering users with a unique ease of handling.

The choice of the quality and size of the tarp net is important. Our technical sales team is there to help our customers choose the right fabric and, in particular, the size best suited to our customers’ skip fleet.

SAFECOVER® net sizes:
SAFECOVER® nets have the enormous advantage of being able to adapt to any type of transport skip. They can cover hook-lift skips of 7 to 43m3 but also multi-skip chains. To choose the right net size, all you have to do is determine the volume of the skips to be covered. The SafeCover project represents a real change. The Otexio teams will guide and support you over the long term to help you change the working habits of your employees through training, follow-ups with management and refresher courses. Our sales team is available throughout France and travels free of charge to your site to give demonstrations and show you how to make a success of this project, which improves the safety and productivity of drivers.    The main waste industry companies in France and Europe have chosen LiteCover for its simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance requirements and the Otexio support that allows the system to be used by drivers. What is the point of buying a tarpaulin system if it is not used and the driver still climbs into his skip to fit the net? Choosing Otexio means choosing to eliminate skip falls during tarping and detarping operations!           

For skips up to 40m3: 8.50 m nets
For skips up to 35 m3: 8.00 m nets
For tippers up to 30 m3: 7.50 m nets
The multi-skips are much smaller. In this case, we prefer 6 m nets.
As for the width, our standards are nets of 3 m, 3.30 m and 3.60 m. However, we make nets to measure and adapt to our customers’ requirements.

The qualities of SAFECOVER® nets :
There are two qualities of fabric that can be perfectly adapted to each type of waste:

– superior quality net for metals and common industrial waste (CIW)
– standard quality net for paper and cardboard